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Cymbidium Orchids

We have a large range of clones and hybrids from standard 200ml pot size to hanging baskets. Please check our list for these easy to grow beauties. You may also wish to view our Cymbidium Orchids breeding stock.

Cultural Notes for Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidiums are the most rewarding and easy to grow of most orchids. Cymbidiums will flower even when they are neglected but, when their cultural needs are met they will reward you with plenty of beautiful blooms for you to enjoy.

Growing Conditions

In order to flower well, cymbidiums must have as much sunlight as possible without burning. A shadehouse covered with 50% shadecloth is ideal all year round, space the plants so that they get plenty of light around them. This also provides good air movement which will reduce pests and fungal problems.

Potting Mix

Every orchid grower has his or her own recipe however, the most important thing is that a cymbidium mix must be free draining but, at the same time it must hold some moisture. Remember that we can always add water but, we cannot drain water out of it.


Cymbidiums like a constant supply of food. Most growers change fertiliser according to season while some use the same fertiliser all year round. Whatever fertiliser is used, the one thing to remember is that little and often is better than casually overfeeding which can lead to damage to your cymbidiums.

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