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We at Sunset Nursery have been collecting Clivias for many years. All our hybrids are from seed taken from specially selected stock plants of both yellow and orange. All were hand pollinated for better results.

Cultural Notes for Clivias

Our love for clivias started many years ago when we were given a lovely specimen from a friend. We then started to collect Belgian hybrids, miniata yellows and every other clivia that we could get our hands on. Our addiction with this lovely plant is stronger today than ever before.

Growing Conditions

Clivas are just as hardy as they are beautiful however, to grow happily they need protection from direct sunlight, a shaded or semi-shaded positon is ideal. In the wild clivias grow under the canopy of trees with their roots in decayed leaf litter so instead of planting them in soil make a small depression, spread their roots and cover them with good compost. The reason for this is that clivias don’t like waterlogged conditions and this ensures good drainage. One thing to remember is that it is easier to kill a clivia with too much water but never with too little.

Pests and Diseases

In the garden clivias have very few problems, just look out for caterpillars. It doesn’t happen very often but, when it does they can devour a plant in no time at all. Clivias are also attacked by mealy bugs more so , if the plant is kept in a protected environment.

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